Monday, January 5, 2015

Faridabad Orphanage Program

Volunteer to give orphaned children healthy, secure and constructive childhoods. 

Poverty and past conflicts have seriously affected the people of India. This has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and made many children orphans.  Thousands of them migrate to urban centers like Delhi and NCR  in search of jobs and better life. Unfortunately, the reality of life in a city is very different from the charmed life they have imagined. The children face torture and exploitation. Many of them work over 14-hours a day in industries, hotels, and restaurants and many of the sleep in the street.

. Many concerned organizations have opened orphanages and tried to house, care and educate the children. Aimabroad works with established orphanages in 3 urban centers in India to help them do a better job of caring the children. When you join the program, you will help the orphanages in their struggle to improve the lives of poor orphans. Through your dedication and time you will spend with the kids you will change lives of the children for the better.

Your activities as a Volunteer:

As a volunteer in orphanage India project, you will work to better the lives of the children by caring for them and teaching them. Although this is not an English teaching placement, you will have the opportunity to teach English and conduct creative programs including games, music, art, drawing, painting, and impart health education.

If you are skilled in sewing, painting, tailoring, crafting, typing, and computing, you can teach these skills to the children as well. During your volunteer work, care for them also by making sure they eat well, sleep well, wash and change into cleaner clothes. This is a vital aspect as the love and the care that you provide will make them feel loved and vanquish any mental disturbance.

Many volunteers also become actively involved in fundraising. You can also help the administration and be part of cleaning campaigns. 

Project skills required:

No specific skills and qualifications are required to volunteer in the project. However, you must be at least 1 years of old. Volunteers should also be flexible, practical, self-motivated and open-minded to learn new culture